I See a Mountain At My Gates. I See It More and More Each Day.


About Bautista

We have partnered with Bautista on Futures consultancy. Bautista helps our clients become fit for the future by providing them with bespoke intelligence, strategies and innovations to take advantage of the changing nature of the market and competition and the emerging needs and attitudes of consumers.



We study and advice about the versions and possibilities that the future can bring with experience and collaborators in different places, cultures, and markets to generate knowledge, innovation, strategies and implementations looking to improve and visualize businesses. We have expertise in many topics / categories through an Ad-Hoc working process. We are current members of the World Future Society.



We are consultants with experience in cultural and trend research, forecasting, consumer segmentation, scenarios and strategic planning with clients in Latin America. Our challenge is to deliver information and knowledge to our clients that changes their view from a simple consumer good to being part of the culture for a population.



Our capabilities go beyond simple consulting. We create workshops for tendencies, we create personalized trend reports, we analyze trends per categories, we do specific consulting and we do ethnographies and steetvision studies.

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